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Trending #MildlyCurseRishiSunak mocks new UK PM by imagining embarrassing scenarios

Since Rishi Sunak became Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, he made headlines and sparked talk of being the country’s first Indian-born prime minister. The Conservative Party MP, 42, also became the youngest person to hold the post in over 200 years.

And now a #MildlyCurseRishiSunak hashtag is trending on Twitter that showcases the best of British humor. Many netizens have posted funny scenarios to poke fun at the new British Prime Minister. From accidentally calling the speaker “Mom” to never finding the end of a tape, netizens have posted a variety of embarrassing situations.

“May you accidentally call The Speaker ‘Mum’ in front of the whole class,” one Twitter user posted. “You may accidentally not press record when trying to capture a special moment – and then you could press record to stop the video you thought you were taking. May your phone be full of videos of you putting your phone back in your pocket another wrote.

“May you never find the end of the duct tape, and if you do you try to get some duct tape and it rips one side and messes it up,” said a third.

“May you go to the disabled toilet as the others are out of order only to get out in front of a bunch of people in wheelchairs waiting,” another person wrote. “May you end all calls to world leaders by accidentally saying I love you goodbye,” a fifth said.

“May he consistently catch his sleeve on doorknobs as he tries to leave a room,” posted another.

Sunak, the former finance minister, took office as British prime minister on October 25 replacing Liz Truss and became the country’s third prime minister in a year. Sunak’s origins can be traced back to the city of Gujranwala in the undivided state of Punjab in India. His grandparents moved to East Africa in the late 1930s before settling in Britain in the 1960s. Sunak was born in 1980 on the south coast of Britain in the port city of Southampton.

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