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How to Activate Global TV on Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, Android TV 2023

The global television network has an official TV Everywhere app that lets you easily watch your favorite TV shows, movies, news, and other entertainment shows.

Owned by Corus Entertainment, the English-language Canadian television network is the second most-watched television network after CTV.

If you want to watch Global TV for free on your streaming device, you need to activate the Global TV app using your TV provider credentials on watch.globaltv.com/activate.

The official Global TV app is compatible with Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku, Android TV, etc.

Refer to the instructions below for more details on the complete installation and activation process.

Guide to activate Global TV at watch.globaltv.com/activate

Imagine having a great time with your family as you watch Departures, Family Law, Nurses, and more at no extra cost. Or, if you prefer watching reality/documentary series, stream Big Brother Canada, Fishful Thinking, Driving Television or Powerboat Television. It’s fascinating!

Moreover, you can enjoy episodes of global broadcasts when you activate at watch.globaltv.com/activate using your TV subscription.

So why have less when you can have more?

You will need a few things before moving on to the activation guide below.

  • Check that you have the correct login information from your TV provider.
  • Confirm a stable and high-speed internet connection.
  • A compatible streaming platform is essential.
  • Download the latest Global TV app.
  • Be prepared with another device – mobile phone or laptop to access the Global TV activation page.

These are the basics. Once you have confirmed all of this, you are ready to follow the activation process below.

Steps to Enable Global TV on Fire TV

Can I watch Global TV on Amazon Fire TV? Totally! The Global TV app is widely available on the Amazon App Store. Here’s how you can get it on your device and start watching with your loved ones.

  • In the Search section of your Fire TV, locate the World television application.
  • Select the app and press the Download button to install the app.
  • After installation, press Open to launch the app on your Fire TV.
  • In the app you will see a unique code and activation instructions.
  • Open watch.globaltv.com activation URL on a browser on your second device.
  • Enter the code and press the Continue button.
  • Next, select your TV provider (if prompted) and sign in with their login credentials.
  • The Global TV app is now active on your Fire Stick device.

Activate Global TV on Android TV via watch.globaltv.com/activate

Once you sign in with your TV provider credentials on your Android TV, you can watch episodes of your favorite shows and enjoy live TV programming. To quickly activate Global TV on Android TV, follow these steps:

  • Access Google play store from your Android TV home screen.
  • Find it World television app using the search option in the play store.
  • Next, select the app from the given results and tap the Install button.
  • When the app is installed, tap Open to launch it.
  • You will see an activation code and instructions to follow.
  • Now leave this screen active and visit watch.globaltv.com/activate.
  • Enter the activation code in the field provided and click Continue.
  • Select your TV provider and sign in with the correct credentials to complete the activation process.
  • You can now access live TV on your Android TV.

watch.globaltv.com Activate on Roku

The official Global TV app is now available on the Roku Channel Store. Whether you have a Roku streaming stick or a Smart TV, the following instructions can help you activate the app in just 10 quick steps. So, let’s start –

  1. Go to your Roku home screen and navigate to the Streaming Channels section.
  2. Use the Look for possibility of finding the World television application.
  3. Select the app and press the Add a channel button.
  4. The app will start installing on your Roku device.
  5. Once installed, press the Go to channel button to launch the application.
  6. Write down the activation code that appears on your TV screen.
  7. Now go to Global TV activation link – watch.globaltv.com/activate.
  8. Enter your device’s activation code and click the Continue button.
  9. Next, select your TV provider from the options provided and enter their credentials to connect.
  10. Once logged in, follow the on-screen prompts to complete the activation process.

You can now return to your TV screen and start watching your favorite Global TV program.

How to Get Global TV on Apple TV

Here’s what Apple TV users need to do to access the Global TV app:

  • Launch App store on your Apple TV and locate the World television using the search field.
  • Then select the app from the search results.
  • Then click on the Obtain possibility to start the installation.
  • After installation, press the Open button to launch the application.
  • A one-time unique code and activation link will appear on your TV screen.
  • Open watch.globaltv.com/activate on a computer or mobile device.
  • Enter the code in the field provided on the activation page.
  • Next, select your TV provider and sign in with your account credentials.
  • The Global TV app is now activated on your Apple TV.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to log in each time I access the Global TV app?

No. When you log into the app, it remains valid for 90 days. If you don’t access the app for 90 days, you may need to log in again. So remember to access the app once every 90 days to avoid going through the login process again.

What devices support access to the Global TV app?

The latest Global TV app is currently compatible with Web, Android, iOS, Android TV, Chromecast, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV.

How many people can simultaneously access the Global TV application?

Currently, five people/devices can be logged in using the same account at the same time.

It shows that I am not in Canada, but I am. How to fix this?

Make sure you’re not using a browser extension or proxy tool that changes your IP address. In such cases, the Global TV app or player may assume that you are in another country. Try turning it off and letting your device/computer reconnect to your Canadian IP address.

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