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Dealing With Sleep Issues And Finding Solutions

There are plenty of different sleep problems that you can run into. Below, you will learn about some of them and how to effectively treat them.

  1. Insomnia

This is a sleep disorder that many suffer from. It’s a name given to a condition where you cannot fall asleep. A lot of people have a tough time falling asleep from the start. It can also describe a situation in which you cannot remain asleep throughout the night. Because it can be so detrimental to your quality of sleep, it can negatively impact how you feel including your energy levels and mood. It can even decrease your ability to concentrate and focus throughout the day. Because of these things, can creep into your relationships and cause a lot of problems.

Potential Solutions:

One of the best solutions to insomnia and related sleeping disorders is cognitive-behavioral therapy. This is an effective remedy for insomnia. You can ask your general practitioner or local sleep clinic for more information on it. Another good option for those suffering from insomnia would be a routine exercise. You want to get daily exercise as a means to combat insomnia and to get rid of any excess stress you are experiencing. These things can help you improve your odds of sleeping and staying asleep.

While some people tend to turn to sleep pills and other medication, it’s not a good idea to count on for long-term help. Ideally, you only want to use sleeping pills for a couple of nights at a time. They can be addictive and your body can start to get accustomed to them. As a result, you could get dependent on them which could lead to further sleep issues in the future.

  1. Sleepwalking

Another problem a lot of people run into when they are having trouble with sleep is sleepwalking. Sleepwalking can happen to anyone. It’s when someone gets up while they are sleeping. Because it happens during deep sleep, a lot of people won’t even know it happened. Some may even find themselves doing regular chores and activities while sleeping like making the bed, cleaning, and more. It’s generally much more common in younger kids than adults.

Potential Solutions:

The good news is that sleepwalking is generally not dangerous or harmful. The only reason it could get dangerous is if you start doing riskier activities while sleeping. Like if you find yourself turning on the stove or cooking while sleepwalking. Typically, it’s not something that happens every night. You’ll generally find that it comes on when you are dealing with excess stress. It can also be something that occurs when you are drinking alcohol or when you are experiencing sleep deprivation. Because of this, you’ll want to try to focus on getting quality and restorative sleep nightly.

  1. Night Terrors

Night terrors are another sleep issue a lot of people suffer from. A night terror isn’t the same as a nightmare. A night terror is something that occurs when you are in deep sleep. Therefore, you will generally never remember it happening. Whereas, a nightmare is something you typically remember the following morning. A night terror is much more intense and vicious than a nightmare and it can get your heart beating extremely fast and it might even cause you to sweat. The majority of people who experience night terrors are children.

Potential Solutions:

There isn’t a lot of information about night terrors. Sometimes they come about when you experience a traumatic experience. If you are experiencing them because of some trauma you went through, you’ll want to discuss it with your doctor. They should be able to help you deal with the trauma head-on or find someone that you can talk to for assistance.

  1. Snoring

This is a big problem that is extremely common. A lot of people snore. As many as 41.5 percent of all adults in the UK suffer from snoring. Snoring isn’t a problem because it distracts others, but because of what it implies. Snoring is the direct result of not being able to breathe properly. Because of this, it’s a breathing problem much more than a sleeping problem. It tends to occur when you have some type of airway blockages in your nasal passages. While this can result in the inability of your partner to fall asleep, it can also cause issues with the quality of your sleep because you’re constantly stressing to get more air.

Potential Solutions:

Getting nasal strips can be a good way to widen the passages and optimize airflow. You also may want to consider sleeping more on your side. This will allow you to remove your tongue from blocking your airway. Some mattresses are designed for side sleepers, read how Costco mattresses are different. Ideally, you want to avoid drinking alcohol late at night because it can cause you to snore. You also want to try to lose some weight because you are at an increased risk for snoring if you are overweight.

  1. Sleep Apnoea

This is another breathing problem that can completely wreck your sleep. This is a condition that causes shallow or even paused breathing in your sleep. These pauses can last upwards of 30 seconds. Needless to say, you are likely to wake yourself up when this occurs. If you do this throughout the night, it becomes impossible to get quality sleep.

This is a much more difficult problem to solve than snoring. It’s also important to treat it because it can result in more serious complications. You don’t want to deprive your brain of critical oxygen.

Potential Solutions: For those with serious sleep apnoea conditions, you may need a CPAP device. This device is meant to improve the airflow during your sleep. You can speak with your doctor about getting a sleep assessment and using a CPAP device to improve your sleep.

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