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Atiq Ahmed murder: Who is Guddu Muslim, last name Ashraf Ahmed took before being shot down?

The video of the sensational Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf Ahmed’s twin murder has gone viral on the internet. The mafia-turned-politician and his brother were being taken for a medical examination by the police when three men shot them dead.

The duo was walking inside a police cordon and was talking with the national media when a gun appeared on camera. Atiq Ahmed got shot in the head and fell down. Ashraf, absolutely stunned, was next in the line of fire. As the police personnel and media persons scampered to safety, a volley of wire opened at the crouching brothers. The three men escaped; one of them dropped their gun at the scene of the crime.

Before being shot down, Ashraf was talking about Guddu Muslim. He is the last name he took, the last word he uttered. Who is Guddu Muslim?

The police have killed four men involved in the murder of Umesh Pal, including Atiq Ahmed’s son Asad Ahmed. Atiq’s two other sons are in jail. His two minor sons are in juvenile homes. His wife Shaista, her sister and her two daughters are absconding.

Guddu Muslim is the most discussed name in Umesh Pal’s sensational murder in February. He is the criminal who threw several bombs at the victim. He is also called Guddu ‘Bambaj’.


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