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A Voice and a Dream: Kawasi | Seekers Time

Could you ever imagine being abandoned by both your mother and father? Could you ever imagine meeting them 14 years later, only to find out that they were still together, and you had two younger siblings? Well, Kawasi did. It’s the origin story behind his powerful soul stirring music. Kawasi, is the closet example of what it means to turn pain into strength.

All his life, he was told that happiness is the opposite of pain, but little did I know, happiness was centered in facing truth. “As my grandmother tells the story, I was making sounds before the age of 7-months. In her words, “I always had a story to tell”. Through his music, he has been telling that story since he started writing at the age of 6. In fact, to anyone he felt he could heal and inspire. Recently he has released classics including, the soul churning “Black Tears, ”That will make everyone who listens, feel the pain of every life lost in the fight for freedom and equality for people of color. In “The Solution”, Kawasi takes it a step further with its lyrical critique of policing and politicizing hate crimes in America. He cries out for all people to come together and realize, or voices are stronger together than separate.

Kawasi states that one of his favorite artist is Nina Simone because she always preached at how an artist should reflect the times they live in. Kawasi is the epitome of that statement. He is arguably one of the most present artists of our generation. Unbound by popularity, he makes music that feels good and is embedded in truth. Kawasi has completely weaponized his voice for good. We know this is only the beginning of a long and reformative career.

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